Sightseeing spot in Higashi-Osaka City

Amusement park on Mt. Ikoma-yama

A vast amusement park is fully equipped
in the Mt. Ikoma-yama top region of above sea level
642macross Osaka Prefecture and Nara Prefecture and
it is equipped fully with developing various play
facilities.Especially, in summer, people who look at
a wonderful night view for the cool line that cannot be
tasted in this world show the bustle.

Yamagami has the Tocawaizmi view course and
the Tsgecotani course, etc.

(Shade pass)(road best 100 of Japan)

The Kuragari-touge(shade pass) developed as
an important traffic road of the traveler and goods
in the pass in the Nara highway that crossed Kawauchi
plains from the restaurant to 2 east of Osaka Tamatsukuri,
went over from Toyoura Mt. Ikoma-yama, and went out
to Japan in Edo period. In Ise joining people etc.
A bustle extremely was shown.The look can be endured
in an old stone pavement now.

Ishikiri Tsurugiya Shrine

It is called by people in local, "Mr. Ishikiri", and
the stone Ki Shintoshrine means the sharp sword
and the arrow that cuts the stoneand the known
old company of the name as the god who cures
the sore on a nationwide scale.The tree of the age
of a tree of the camphor of about 470 years in front
of the main shrine is a natural monument of
Higashi-Osaka City. There is a look of an old shop
now and the shopping street in the approach to
a shrine is crowded with the person of the visit to
a shrine all the year round.

Hiraoka park

In the Hiraoka park, it is established in 1938, it consists
of two ridges in the Nukata district and the Hiraoka
district, and the area is about 43.4ha in the park where
nature to which the Toyoura valley flowed in the center
part was made the best use of. When the quasi-national
park of Ikoma Kongo was specified in 1958, all regions
in the Hiraoka park were included in the quasi-national
park region. It is famous as the showplace of maximum
this cherry blossoms in the city.

Hiraoka Shinto shrine and plum grove

It is put on a god great notebook of Yorocoshiki and
the old at the time of boast of Imperial prince in
Kawauchi's country 1 company. The foreseen rice
gruel Urana divine service is held by using the red
bean rice gruel, and a lot of drum stands and the ground
cars are colorful and are brave in the festival in autumn
in the beginning of every year. the Imperial prince
entering the good harvest and the bad harvest of the
ageMoreover, 500 plum trees are in full bloom from
February through March and it crowds as a showplace
of the plum tree of the the greatest under the prefecture
in the plum grove.

Yamahata old tomb group

The tunnel type mastaba is assumed to be a subject,
and the maximum crowd old tomb in Higashi-Osaka
City built in 6?7 century. It is thought that it was a base
of the powerful clan who lives in this ground region in
ancient times. There is Yamahata 22 old tomb about
"Hometown Haccan" on the premises and the entrance
in the mastaba can enter the south in En of 4.5m in
height by 15m in diameter while is.

Hanazono rugby place

It is made as a playground only for the oldest rugby in Japan in 1928, and it can accommodate the main stand by 28,000 people now. The nationwide high school rugby rally that is played a domestic large game and the international friendship rugby played in Kansai and is held especially at the New Year is a playground of the yearning that equals Koshien of high school baseball for high school student lugger man.

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